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Music Lessons

Learning music is truly a joyous activity. Making music is worthy of a lifetime’s dedication and on-going development. I am dedicated to helping students realize and deepen their innate musicality through the most efficient practice techniques, by developing effective physical aspects of playing the instrument, and embracing a positive mental approach. I am committed to empowering each student, while inspiring the delight of making music. Positive reinforcement and constructive assistance motivates and inspires students—whether you are a young child playing music for the first time or a consummate professional learning a new style. Ask about lessons via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime for distant learners.


E-mail Arthur or call/message (914) 953-8194 to find out more.

I look forward to talking with you!

Teaching Experience


Arthur is NYS Certified Teacher and has taught privately and in classroom situations at every level. He has taught guitar, bass, piano, solfeggio, theory, music appreciation for almost twenty years at various schools and colleges. He has extensive experience as a performer and instructor of jazz, rock, classical, blues, pop, country, folk, and world styles.

Arthur is a renowned author and has dozens of instructional books published by Cherry Lane, Hal Leonard, and Alfred Music. He also writes for Premier Guitar Magazine.


Common Areas of Study


Beginning Guitar 
Get a great start by learning the basics of single-note and chordal playing. Usually includes a mix of reading, technique, and repertoire. All students are welcome!


Stylistic Guitar
Learn the music you love. Build a repertoire of your favorite songs and pieces. Understand the inner workings and the approaches of your musical heroes. Often includes some elements of improvisation, reading, and theory.
(This is the path for many teen and adult hobbyists.)


Intermediate and Advanced Guitar
Become a guitar master. Usually includes a combination of reading, technique, fingerboard knowledge, music theory, improvisation, and repertoire.


Piano Lessons
jazz, or rock and pop, there's endless potential at the keys. Adults returning to the instrument are more than welcome. Music reading is optional.Piano is ideal as a first instrument for children and allows them to begin private music lessons at five or six years old. Students learn fundamentals from a variety of method books tailored to the his or her needs. Teens and adults can learn a variety of music at the keyboard. Whether looking to establish fluent musicianship with piano as a second instrument, develop harmonic skills, or learn classical, 


Music Theory
Understand the how and why of music. Includes the elements of music, and melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic analysis. (Great preparation for high school students entering university and conservatory music programs.)


Composition and Improvisation
Learn to unleash your creativity on any and all instruments. Create better music through study and analysis of masterworks. Learn to apply the concepts of music theory in your own pieces and improvisations while cultivating your own artistic judgment.


Ear Training and Sight-Singing
Develop strong musical skills. Learn to recognize scales, modes, melodic patterns, intervals, and chords by ear. Learn to take melodic and rhythmic dictation and learn to sing written music at sight.


Remember: All lessons are expertly taught with the student’s needs placed first and foremost. Any areas of study can easily be combined or modified. These are your music lessons!

Arthur Rotfeld's teaching studio is located in Harrison, NY and is very close to Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, White Plains, Rye, and Greenwich, CT. Lessons are offered on-line as well, via your favorite video service, such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

Music lessons for everyone in the New York metro area. The studio is in the 10528 zip code. Easy access from the Hutchinson River Parkway and I-95 and Metro North New Haven Line

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